"We are finally finishing shooting this crazy McCarthy project. I can't thank you enough for giving me the chance to work on this film." – James Skinner


"You made the room very comfortable and it was very easy to follow your direction." – Noelle Urbano

"You got me to push my limits as an artist. 'Preciate that." – Dave Vescio

"It was great seeing you yesterday. Thank you again for having faith in me."  – Joe Seo

"Wanted to thank you again for the kind words at Film Independent's Actor event. Your encouragement helped me this past year and I've been working more ever since." – Rachel J. Clark

"You are so encouraging and supportive – Thank you for contributing to my growth as an Actor." – Jennifer Bolton Lee

"Whenever I doubt myself and feel like bookings aren't coming my way, I think back to the workshop I had with you. Your kind words and encouragement still motivate me to feel confident in my abilities." – Adam Burch

"Thanks for giving me some great pointers on my scene. I'll be using it again in a workshop and I'll definitely incorporate your notes." – Anthony Saludares

"You are a special Casting Director who really understands the art and are supportive of the Actors. It was a pleasure working with you again." – Alexis Rhee

"Thank you for helping me get cast in the Interstate Batteries commercial. It was fantastic getting to dress as a super hero and work with such an awesome team." – Kyle Devero

"Thanks again for the spot-on direction. It's definitely why I got the gig." – Roz McHenry


"Thank you for helping turn my 90 little pages of words into a three-dimensional, walking, talking, visual reality. It was an amazing experience, one I could not have done without your incredible talents. You made the characters in my head a reality. The wealth of talented actors we were able to choose from absolutely made this film! Thank you from the bottom of my heart." – Patrick Hasson | Blood Shed

"I loved your work on Starlet and when researching your other films, I was deeply impressed with the intriguing and edgy actors in your casting. I would be thrilled if we collaborated on my next project. – Liv Prior Colliander | AFI Directing Fellow

"Julia is extraordinary Casting Director and a great team member. She takes the time to know the boards and cares about the vision of the Director and also brings a great eye for talent. She is grace under pressure and deals with last minute change like a champion." – Kimberley Browning | Filmmaker & Film Festival Programmer

"Julia jumped in with very little time or resources to help cast our film 'Knots.' She has a great eye and is a joy to work with. She not only came with a plethora of talent to choose from, but handled the marathon casting sessions with grace and ease. – Michael Kang | Filmmaker

"I really enjoyed speaking with you at the Film Independent Forum. You provided me with great information that will definitely help my career." – Michael Gavino