The Man Who Saved Paris

Director: Aaron Schneider
Producers: Dutch Hofstetter, Dean Zanuck
Cast: Stanley Tucci

After WWII, Paris was a lost city of love until a brothel owner was hired by the government to bring back the joie de vivre.


Dealing With Dad

Writer / Director: Tom Huang
Producers: Effie Brown, Matthew Lessall

Alpha-daughter reluctantly moves back to her hometown to deal with the clinical depression of her father, who's actually more likable depressed.


Funny Pages

Writer / Director: Cam Archer
Producers: Amanda Kramer, Julia Kim

An imagined 1983 weekend in the life of Cathy Guisewite, creator of the comic strip Cathy.



Artist / Director: Paul McCarthy

Stagecoach is McCarthy’s second long-term project. It is inspired by the 1939 American Western starring John Wayne. The film follows a group of strangers travelling across the United States in a stagecoach pursued by Apache Indians. Here, McCarthy uses the Western as a recognisable structure from which to form alternative interpretations and focus on the interaction between the central characters.